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Tree Trail

An interesting series of trees are being planted around Wimborne.  These are to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee and are also a part of the

Tree Canopy Initiative in 2022.  They are intended to be within easy access of the centre of Wimborne to allow for the options of

either short walks, cycles or short drives.

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1.   Prunus subhirtella autumnalis rosea                       (Winter Flowering Cherry)

2.   Betula Utilis - var. Snow Queen)                   (Multi-stemmed Arctic Birch)

3.   Koelreutia - (Pride of India                                   / Golden Rain)

4.   Stryrax   (Snowbell)

5.   Commixta   (Olympic Flame)                                      ('Nanakamado')






Tree-Trail-1-Prunus Tree-Trail-2-Arctic Birch As new trees are planted during the Queen’s Jubilee   They will be added to the list here Etterick-Man-in-the-Wall

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